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The Importance of finding the RIGHT Agent, and how to identify one

Properties play a big part in defining our quality of life. Even if you’re not in the market with the intention of finding your dream home, (lucky you if you’re one of the happy dwellers who have found the abode you’ve always yearned for!) knowing how to navigate it can be very advantageous. Fruitful investments that bring high yield is one example as many people have accumulated handsome funds or even attained riches this way.

However, this is a huge field that is far from straightforward. And here, we shall segue into the first reason as to why seeking the help of an experienced, ethical and proficient agent is crucial to your success in this area!

1. Their Knowledge and Gigantic Network

Obviously, realtors have studied and dedicated years to their practical groundwork via hands-on projects, courses and company activities. The information they have gathered about real estate is incomparable thanks to them investing their precious time and efforts into improving their skills in this domain. Hence, they would know just the right method to help you achieve your objectives.

It’s also a given that being in this industry opens up opportunities to network with other peers and members, all which have their unique client list. With such a copious spread of incumbents in the market, the chances of you finding a suitable buyer, seller, tenant or landlord is sky-high.

2. Simplifying and Triumphing Complex Processes

Did you know that transactions don’t just involve the seller, buyer and agent. It is mandatory for professional figures such as bankers, lawyers, government organisations like HDB to accompany you on your endeavour. If that isn’t mind-boggling enough, there is also lots of paperwork to complete… in a chronological order within certain timeframes.

Competent realtors have memorised this sequence by heart, hence you can count on them to systematically instruct and guide you throughout this otherwise long, unsettling task!

3. The Ability to Market and Sell Your Unit in the Shortest Duration

As ironic as it sounds, adept agents are able to fairly level the playing field for both sellers and buyers such that both parties arrive at a gratified consensus. They have the capability to bridge suitable buyers and sellers where the buyers are more than happy to purchase a house that meets all their existing lifestyle needs.

Now free to escalate towards meeting their next milestone in life, this also results in ecstatic sellers. Usually, the realtors’ prowess stems from their motivation to constantly upgrade their skills especially in today’s technological era, one that if fully utilised, delivers premium and swift results. This comes in the form of home staging, online marketing and more.

4. Precise and Up-to-Date Data on Market Trends

A macro-perspective that considers the entire sample size of the market helps immensely on how to reasonably price your estate. You wouldn’t want to sell your home at an undervalued amount, nor buy one that’s way too expensive for its value. A seasoned agent will know exactly where to place your property within this fine chasm where it is deemed suitable. The reason why some listings stay ignored for months or even years is precisely because they’re positioned outside the parameters of what’s considered appropriate!

5. Financial Calculating

We have to be realistic here. Your capacity to buy a new house is limited to your financial standing. Thus, a good realtor will be able to thoroughly assess your means to do so, which keeps you safe and away from debt.


Everyone contributes to society in their special ways, and in this realm, estate agents reign supreme. If you need insight, or are thinking of selling or buying a property, Do consider reaching out to me @ | 8186 5466






See you soon,

Benjamin Loy


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