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Hi, I'm Benjamin Loy.

Associate Division Director,
Propnex Realty Limited
Benjamin Loy Division

Client Testimonials


We contacted Benjamin through Facebook and that was the best decision of our lives. He marketed our 4RM HDB which got sold within one month and pointed us in the right direction for our first private property. The entire selling and buying process was seamless and we are now ready to purchase our 2nd property with Benjamin!


Benjamin is experienced, efficient and dedicated. We sold our flat in less than a month. He gave us valuable advice and was very professional in handling the purchase of our first private property. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to be able to progress on to a brand new condominium at such a young age!

Thank you, Benjamin! 


We were prepared to retire with our 2 fully paid-up properties as we are in our 60s. Our properties were each 20 years old and maintaining them was getting costly. Benjamin successfully marketed off both our units, all within a short frame of time and above our expected price. Through planning and execution, we are now proud owners of not 2, but 3 brand new properties. Thank you, Benjamin!


Benjamin Loy, a seasoned property agent with nearly a decade of expertise at Propnex, the largest and Premium real estate agency in Singapore. Renowned for his innovative Swap Approach, Benjamin specializes in facilitating seamless transitions for HDB owners aiming to upgrade to private properties and assisting private property owners in multiplying their portfolios.

His proven four-step framework begins with personalized consultations, understanding clients' lifestyles and financial goals. A meticulous financial analysis follows, providing a clear roadmap for the transition. Beyond upgrading HDB owners, Benjamin extends his proficiency to private property owners, identifying strategic opportunities within the market. The final step showcases his negotiation finesse, ensuring optimal terms for all parties involved.

Benjamin's commitment to delivering exceptional results, coupled with his client-centric approach, has solidified his reputation as a trusted advisor. With a unique ability to navigate both HDB upgrades and strategic property expansion, Benjamin Loy remains at the forefront of innovation, offering clients a pathway to realize their property aspirations in Singapore's dynamic market.

Benjamin Loy

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